Youth Leadership Forum

SHYLI Youth Leadership Forum 

Table of Contents

1. SHYLI Forum Invitation
2. SHYLI Forum Agenda
3. SHYLI Welcome Sustainability, Its Important to Me: Kynan Kawai
4. Messages from Hawaiian Leaders
• Mayor Billy Kenoi
• Senator Mazie K. Hirono
• Governor Neil Abercrombie
• West Hawai’i County Council
5. SHYLI Youth Leaders Presentations
Makana Tavares: Sustainable Cultures
Kynan Kawai: Sustainable Agriculture
Trevor Tanaka: Sustainable Education
Allie Kitchens: Sustainable Architecture
Manoa Johansen, Sustainable Environments
Wainani Traub: Sustainable Energy
6. Dedication to Guy Toyama by Ian Kitajima and Josue Cruz
7. Sustainable Hawaii Tour 2013
Keala Ching, Hawaiian Immersion School, Konawaena Elementary
Hawaiian Heritage Site, Mauna Lani Hotel with Danny Akaka Jr.
KANU’s Pu’upulehu
Pacific Biodiesel
Let’s Grow Hilo
Ka Hana No’eau, Partners in Development

8. SHYLI Faculty
Stone Soup Leadership Institute
Maui Huliau Foundation
9. Sponsor Recognition
10. SHYLI Youth Application
11. Resources: Hawaiian Sustainability Reports
The County of Hawaii’s Sustainable Agriculture Report, The Kohala Center
Hawaii 2050 Sustainable Plan: 2008
Hawaii’s Energy and Agriculture Sectors: Path to Sustainability: 2012
County of Hawaii’s Increased Food Security and Food Self-Sufficiency Strategy: 2012
Hawaii’s Green Workforce: A Baseline Assessment: 2010
Zero Waste Plan for County of Hawaii: 2010
12. SHYLI Newsletters
SHYLI New Year 2013 Newsletter
SHYLI Summer 2012 Newsletter (Youth Leadership Summit)
SHYLI Newsletter January 2012 (Sustainable Hawaii Tour)


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Opening Remarks, Kynan Kawai

Dedication to Guy Toyama, Josue Cruz


Youth Leadership Forum Newsletter

Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership host forum, Hawaii 24/7, February 19, 2013

What People are Saying

This SHYLI Youth Leadership Forum has opened doors. It has made connections that I would have never thought possible. Sustainability is our goal, a goal we will reach!
Kynan Kawai, 17
As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”! I stand by this beautiful quote and I am so thankful for all the people that God had placed in our lives. Marianne, Josue, Nane, all the speakers and community members present are such inspirations! It was just an eye opening experience for my husband and I, we are so very grateful to you all! Many, many thanks for all of you who have come out and supported our youth! I am so extremely proud of my son, Kynan and his accomplishments since being apart of the SHYLI Youth Leadership Forum. He has truly been blessed to be a leader and I know he has grown and will also take so much with him as he branches out and reaches his goals in his upcoming future.
Margaret Kawai, Parent
Any youth interested in making a difference for sustainability in Hawai’i would benefit from the high quality of the mentorship, training and support they can receive by participating in SHYLI. Listening to the experiences and projects of these young people caused me to feel great emotion and pride in what they will accomplish. Mahalo to the Stone Soup Leadership Institute for bringing this opportunity to our island youth.
Diane Chadwick, Hawaii Community Foundation
 Sustainability cannot just be a concept. It must become a way of life. SHYLI has recognized that the leaders of tomorrow are our youth and they should be commended for working with Hawai’i Island youth to learn and teach the concepts of sustainability in a way that empowers the youth and the communities they live in. This approach provides hope for the future of sustainability for Hawai’i Island and beyond.  
Farrahmarie Gomes, Director,
The North Hawaii Education and Research Center, 
Dean Continuing Education and Community Learning,
University of Hawaii, Hilo
 Thank you for inviting me to the recent SHYLI Youth Leadership Forum. It was inspiring to be in the company of people, both young and “mature,” who share the same passion for and caring of our aina, this tiny speck of Mother Earth in the middle of the Pacific. SHYLI is a great opportunity for the next generation to explore and learn how they can take over stewardship of our precious planet. For students from Big Island’s small, rural communities, it must have been a fabulous opportunity to meet and ideate with their contemporaries at Martha’s Vineyard—it certainly expanded their universe about cultures and sustainability. Participation in SHYLI gave these students comfort and confidence in knowing that they can be more than just part of the solution; they can be the people leading charge in affecting change now!  
Nem Lau, Career & Technical Education Resource Teacher, 
Dept. of Education, West Hawai`i District
The Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership Initiative Forum was all that I could have anticipated and more. The ability to share what we’ve learned with others and receive positive and insightful feedback from important business and community leaders was uplifting. It was great to hear from both adults and other students who are as passionate about sustainability as I am. I received some much needed encouragement to continue to pursue my sustainability efforts. Mahalo to everyone who made the SHYLI Forum a success! Thank you Marianne, Josue and Nane for all you have done and the support you have given us to help us reach our goals. I hope more youth will have the opportunity to experience what this year’s SHYLI delegates have experienced. 
 Trevor Tanaka, 17
 I enjoyed the presentations by Makana, Kynan and Trevor on sustainability, Makana on Culture, Kynan on Agriculture and Trevor on Energy. As emerging leaders for Hawai’i and Planet Earth in the 21st Century I wish each of you god speed and best wishes. 
 Robert Lindsey, Jr. Hawai’i Trustee, Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Thank you for the invite for the wonderful Forum. I was very impressed and touched by every speaker’s story & speeches including your talk about Guy. Hope SHYLI, Stone Soup will continuously grow and the earth will become sustainable planet with full of love. 
 Mahalo, Rika Horikiri, beloved wife of Guy Toyama
 The Youth Leadership Forum was a wonderful blending of ages, perspectives, backgrounds, expertise and aloha. I am so excited about the possibilities SHYLI offers our opio. I could not help but think of Bernice Pauahi Bishop – living her legacy is an inspiration for me, and I know she is pleased with the education and opportunities SHYLI is providing on Hawaii Island. 
 Barbara Kuuleilani (Benham) Scarth
Josue, You are so impressive. You have no limits. I look forward to your many contributions to the world! This is just the beginning of a long friendship. We have several energy and sustainability technologies in development that you could use to help your country to build a high tech industry and jobs. 
Ian Kitajima, Oceanit
Marianne, Great work. I feel very proud to be part of this movement and very moved by the quotes of those present. We all walked away inspired and motivated. Our Barrios Unidos Team sends its love and respect to you and our Island relatives. I look forward to continue spreading the word about this amazing work and seeking support for its ongoing projects. I believe the Island youth can help our Mainland youth take better care of our Turtle Island. Stay Strong. 
Nane Alejandrez,
Founding Director, Barrios Unidos,
Board member Stone Soup Leadership Institute

I really enjoyed Nane’s speech. It helped set the stage for a day of sharing, by expounding on previous causes—such as that of Dr. King and Harry Belafonte, with which we all share a common goal. 

Makana Tavares, 17

The Forum was a great opportunity for the youth to hear from some really inspirational adults like Uncle Bobby Lindsey, Uncle Wally Lau, each of whom provided personal stories on the change that people can create with their sustained, peaceful, dedicated action. While at the same time, the youth presentations, enlivened those professionals with the knowledge that the youth in our communities are coming up behind them, ready to take the reigns and continue the great work with the fresh energy and ideas they bring. Most importantly, the Forum provided the platform to connect our leaders with our future leaders. 
Katie Schwind, Rivertop Solutions 
I had never heard of the SHYLI program before attending the forum this past weekend. I was so impressed at the students involved and their presentations. What a great program to raise up youth leaders who are concerned with sustainability! It was also a great opportunity to meet others in the community that care about our youth and our island. I was so honored to attend and plan to support and get involved with SHYLI. 
Kari Waldhaus, Waimea Rotary Club, Business Coach 

Youth Presentations

Kynan Kawai

Allie Kitchens



Makana Tavares

Trevor Tanaka


Wainani Traub 

Manoa Johansen 

Hawaii Sustainability Reports

Hawai’i’s Green Workforce: A Baseline Assessment

Hawai’i’s Energy and Agriculture Sectors: Path to Sustainability 

Hawai’i 2050 Sustainability Plan: Charting a course for Hawai’i’s sustainable future

Zero Waste Plan for the County of Hawai’i

Increased Food Security and Food Self-Sufficiency Strategy

The County of Hawaii’s Sustainable Agriculture Report, The Kohala Center


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