Sustainability Projects

Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership Initiative youth building educational tool to implement the Sustainability Resolution requiring all Hawaii schools to offer one sustainability course.

Sustainability Resolution # HCR178 and SCR192

Showcased at SHYLI Forum Video

SOURCE: Science Outreach Uniting Research, Communities, and Education is a comprehensive network for K-12 Hawai’i students, educators, research labs, science programs, non-profits, and outreach-focused companies, with a focus centering around the high school student.

For both student and educator, it provides valuable access to resources and connections through various science-related service-learning opportunities, as well as summer and yearlong science programs, research opportunities, and workshops.

For non-profits, programs and workshops, SOURCE serves as an essential link to target and attract a diverse number of students.

Encouraging collaboration, our community bulletin board allows for the sharing of resources between educators, research labs, science programs, non-profits, and companies in order to further student education.

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